60 Minute: $80

60 Minute Senior: $60- $80 sliding scale

75 Minute (preferred): $100

90 Minute: $120

30 Minute Target Session: $55

The Target Session is for the return client who is having a specific issue/area that they want to have focused on, i.e. neck and shoulders. It is not a full body massage.


 Every body can benefit from massage. Athletes, musicians, moms and dads, caregivers, office workers, elders, people coping with chronic health issues and pain as well as people in the midst of treatment for cancer or recovering from an injury. There is no substitute for human touch.

 In our daily lives we have patterns of movement that become ingrained in our bodies. Through massage, together, we can open up those patterns to reveal a greater range of motion and release of stagnant holding patterns. If we show the tissue a broader range of motion it will often begin to relax and open.  This can happen quickly or might take multiple sessions for the results to hold.  This is the process of unfolding and unpacking the bags of a journey; allowing our bodies to let go of that which we may not need to hold onto any longer.

 I love working with athletes. Massage is a great addition to a training program. It helps to increase circulation and speed recovery to muscles during training or post event. Whether you are a cyclist, swimmer, runner, triathlete, rock climber, horseback rider, softball or soccer player; I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your specific activity's demands on your body.

 I will work with you to help bring moments of awareness you can carry with you throughout your day. My clients leave their sessions with a stretch or two or a gentle suggestion of something they can do to take a moment for themselves throughout their day. A breath, an opening of the heart, an opportunity to grow in the present.

 "This very moment is the perfect teacher, and lucky for us,

it's with us wherever we are."

-Pema Chodron