I began working with clay way back, when I was in high school in the Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts. I received a BFA in Ceramics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. After college I spent a little over a year at The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana in their artist residency program.

I then spent 12 months traveling solo in Asia. Trekking in the Himalaya's of Nepal, studying Bansuri, bamboo flute, in India, hair raising experiences in Indonesia and working as a Divemaster off of Sabah in Borneo. After I returned from the soul searching adventure of a lifetime I set up a studio in Seattle and got down to creating a portfolio for graduate school applications. After much deliberation I chose to accept the invitation from The Rhode Island School of Design, where I received my MFA in 1997. 

I remained in Providence for quite a while after RISD, setting up a community clay studio with a fellow RISD Grad. I taught in and ran that studio while also teaching at the local community college for several years.  I met my husband in Providence and we decided to move back to his home state of California to begin our family. I put clay to the wayside after having our two children. While our children were growing up we did a lot of traveling. My husband is an Environmental Studies Professor and his research brought us back to India several times as well as to Senegal and Central America. Amidst the years of raising children and traveling as much as we could I started studying and practicing massage. After practicing massage for several years I began teaching massage. Focusing on Sports Massage and Massage for Chronic Illness. All of this work allowed me to keep using my hands, which I loved.

I started working with clay again a few years ago. There is a wonderful community of clay people at The Potter's Studio in Berkeley.  I now have a lovely little studio at home that I use mostly for my building and glazing. I love the quiet and to lose myself there for many hours at a time. My work is mostly fired in Berkeley in a Soda kiln. Gas fired to cone 10 or 11 with Soda Ash introduced in a sprayed solution.  I focus primarily on porcelain but lately I have been playing with some darker stoneware clay bodies. Porcelain is incredibly finicky but I LOVE the whiteness and smoothness of it. Stoneware is a lot more forgiving but very different in color and texture. Many of the pieces on this site have been sold but, if there is something that you like or are interested in, please reach out. I will be having studio sales once or twice a year.

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Backpacking in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy August 2017

Backpacking in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy August 2017